new jersey institute of theology student
new jersey institute of theology
new jersey institute of theology student
new jersey institute of theology student
new jersey institute of theology student

You Could Graduate This Year!

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With an average of over 1800 enrollments, student success is our focus. That's why we have implemented a unique learning model that allows you to be in the driver's seat of your education. We want you to utilize your past knowledge, capitalize on your experience, and follow the best process for your own learning. That's why we developed a Theological Competency-Based Fast-Track Education Model. We are currently the only institution offering competency-based theological degrees in the state of New Jersey; A model other seminaries, colleges and universities are increasingly striving to implement.

What is competency-based education? Simply put, it measures skills and learning rather than time spent in a classroom. Students progress through courses as soon as they can prove they’ve mastered the material, rather than advancing only when the semester or term ends. If you can learn faster, spend more time on schoolwork, or lean on knowledge you already have from previous work or school experience, you can accelerate through your courses.

This approach is core to our student focus and our Fast-Track learning model for busy pastors and ministry leaders to become the school focused on you. A seminary that is dedicated to delivering what YOU need to succeed in Accomplishing God's calling. 

With 24/7 access to online learning resources to engage with on your schedule, you can embark on a learning journey tailored exactly to your own knowledge—focusing on areas where you need more help and moving quickly through areas you already know or understand. In addition, faculty members are here to provide personalized, one-on-one learning support when needed. 

Enroll now in any one of our affordable degree programs. Or you can simply take courses that are important to you. New Jersey Institute of Theology Online Seminary is an accredited affordable quality biblical educational online distance learning school that specializes in training men and women worldwide through our outstanding programs of study and biblical training resources.

New Jersey Institute of Theology Online Seminary provides Theological training through distance learning. NJITOS's lifetime goal is to provide answers to all aspects of life from a Biblical perspective. NJITOS is a school where only the Word of God is taught. We welcome all who desire a greater knowledge and a deeper understanding of God’s precious unchanging Word. If you desire to earn a quality Theology degree in one-fourth the time of most bible colleges or seminaries, you are at the right school.

Degrees in Counseling, Ministry, Biblical Studies, Pastoral Leadership, Christian Apologetics, and Religious Education are coming soon.

Fast Track Degree Programs

Work at your own Pace.

With our Fast Track Degree Program, you can earn a Doctorate of Theology degree within two years or less. Credit given for previous and current Ministry Work; Life Experience credit, and Honorary Degrees based on life and ministry experience are available!

Don't Buy A Fake Degree When You Can Earn Your Degree

Within 6 Months to A Year!

Sadly there are so many in ministry who, because of time constraints have chosen to purchase Biblical Degrees without any study at all; So that they would have the credentialing needed to be accepted. This does not honor Christ, nor does it edify the body, and nor does it aid the purchaser in their spiritual growth. An eventually someone may discover that your degree is illegitimate. And this will not only bring embarrassment to you, but also shame to the body of Christ.

2022-2023 Current Courses

We are constantly adding to our course selection. We also welcome suggestions for new courses. You can submit your course request to [email protected]

Bible Doctrines Foundations of Faith
Character of God The Holy Spirit
Christian Stewardship Introduction to Ministry
Demonology Obedience
Discipleship Practical Ministries
New Testament Survey Prayer
Divine Healing Righteousness
Evangelism Understanding Authority

Current Featured Courses

Take courses in the order that is most convenient for you. There are a variety of courses offered; some are video, some are audio, and some are just text, to keep engaged and ready to learn in all formats. NJITOS’s motto is: TRUST - It represents the focus of our school which is to TRAIN so that our students RETAIN, and UNDERSTAND, so that they are able to SPEAK and TEACH God's Word to others. There are currently three options for study. There is the individual certificate courses which are only $50 per course and equal to 3 CEUs. And there are the degree and diploma options which features 3 credit courses in which all courses are included with the degree or diploma tuition. To find out more about degree and diploma tuition visit our FINANCIAL INFORMATION page.

Some Testimonials From Our Graduates

You should have a testimony too!

Will Take More Courses

Dr. VC

"I enjoyed the classes and would like to continue. I will sign up tomorrow for the remaining courses online... Thanks for making it available." Dr. VC

... A needed ministry!

Dr. DH

Thank you for the information and warm welcome! I am honored to participate in NJITOS and I look forward to the studies. Please let me know if there is any way in which I can help you or support your ministry. It is needed!

Memorized course work!

Dr. BA

My Diploma arrived yesterday. I really like the way it looks. I am enjoying my studies at NJITOS, and I will probably enroll in more studies at NJITOS next year. I enjoyed the courses. I have finally learned and memorized the five stages of grief. Thank you. I plan to complete the Master of Theology at NJITOS probably next year.

Appreciates the time together

Apostle SBM

I'm very excited and pumped about this opportunity. Again, thank you so much for all your assistance and encouragement. I'm "chomping at the bit" waiting for the new year to enter. Dr. Greene! I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation as well. I appreciate the time spent and I pray that our combined efforts will be mutually beneficial. Thank you! God Bless!

Excellent Curriculum... Student Friendly

Dr. JJ

“I enjoyed attending New Jersey Institute of Theology very much. It made it simpler and easier to pursue my doctoral degree without a lot of red tape. NJITOS provided an excellent curriculum and was also extremely student friendly.”

Fantastic Courses, Well designed program!

Eric Cruz

I have to say you have a fantastic course that will easily help people get quickly and properly trained up and educated with this well designed program you are running these courses provide quality content and straight to the point with clear instructions backed up by a quality resource center. A wealth of information accessible to your students designs in such a manner that will help one instantly understand in a clear, cut presentation. It was such a pleasure taking this course I want to continue my education my next degree will be my associates one day. I hope to achieve my doctorate thank you, Dr. Greene, your staff, and N. J. I TOS for all you do it has been a pleasure.

New Jersey Institute of Theology

New Student Locations

As of June 2021

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