What You Will Learn

  • Insights of the Church

    "Online study of Acts is a revelation, deepening understanding through engaging discussions and historical insights into the early Christian church."

  • Socratic Self Paced Study

    "Virtual study brings Acts to life, making learning a unique and insightful experience with diverse perspectives and interactive sessions."

  • A Journey Through History

    "Be blessed by our Acts study—convenient, spiritually uplifting, and intellectually stimulating. A meaningful journey into biblical history awaits!"

Course curriculum

    1. A welcome message and instructions from your instructor

    1. Bible Study Series-Acts Workbook

    1. Chapter 1 text

    2. Chapter 1 Quiz Questions

    1. New Lesson

    2. Chapter 2 Quiz Questions

    1. Text

    2. Chapter 3 Quiz Questions

    1. text

    2. Chapter 4 Questions

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  • 58 lessons
  • Loaded with maps and charts

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